Hello World. This post marks the official launch of DraggingTheLine.com, my personal blog about art, design, travel, and a few other topics of personal interest.

I created this site as a place to share the things I find interesting on my own terms, free from commercial use by ad supported social media websites. Granted, I plan to use said sites to share links to whatever I share here. Dragging the Line will also serve as an exercise in writing, something I’ve always had an interest in. I hope to develop my own style as I post here while getting better at the craft of writing. I encourage all of you reading this to constructively critique my writing in the comments section, especially if you have a background in English or journalism. Finally, this blog is act as a secondary portfolio of my creative projects, or a primary repository for anything not fit for a formal gallery of work. Some final thanks and notes below:

  • First, I want to extend a very special thanks to my girlfriend, Tiffanie Pfrang, for all her encouragement along the way. She, more than anybody, really pushed me to get this project complete and live and is constantly giving me ideas to consider writing about.
  • Keep in mind that Dragging the Line is only at version 1.0, and may be buggy on older browsers or untested mobile devices (I don’t have an Android phone to test on). Please let me know any strange issues you have with this site. I’ll be making a dedicated post later on regarding bugs and testing (and how you can help).
  • Dragging the Line is powered by WordPress. I might consider releasing the Dragging the Line theme for between $10 to $25. Would you buy it?

Thanks for reading, amigos.

Pete Medina is a web producer by day and a freelance creative by night. His skills include adaptive front end web design and development, graphic design and basic photography. He enjoys black coffee, travel, music, writing, and ruffling his girlfriend’s feathers.